Concrete projects come in all shapes and sizes and no two are ever the same. But no matter how simple or complicated your job might be, JM Concreting always takes a hands-on approach. With all the equipment to handle any project, including three boom pumps and high pressure line pumps, we have the capability and experience to deliver a quality result every time. And, as part of our commitment to ensure that we deliver the high level of finish our clients expect, we now issue an ITP certificate for every pour and a JM Concreting manager supervises the pour from start to finish.

So, if you’re looking for experience, reliability and a concrete commitment to quality, contact the team at JM Concreting today.


With JM Concreting, there's no
dramas. They arrive on site
they're fully prepared so
everything always happens
according to plan. I know
I can count on these guys.

Anton Obereigner - Built

Their willingness to do what's
necessary to get the job
done is what sets JM Concreting
apart. They poured over 2,400m³
in one 24 hour period to keep our
project on track.

Matthew Clothier
- Lend Lease Contractors

With time at a premium, we
need to be confident we
are going to get what we
require, when we require it.
That's why we do so much
work with JM Concreting.

Phil Berry - Richard Crookes

No matter what we need,
JM Concreting can do it
all with the quality we
demand and at a price
that works.

Terry McGarrigle - Billbergia

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